We're all about getting outdoors. More than that, we're about getting off the road and off the grid. Whether you share that passion, or prefer a less extreme experience, join us in making memorable adventures with the help of some of the best products on the market.

Cinderella Incinerating Toilets

Ever get tired of dumping your black tank, or having to constantly worry about water consumption? Cinderella erases those issues with their beautifully made and even better crafted, incinerating toilets. ROA is always moving to more innovative and problem solving solutions. The Cinderella toilets do just that.

Why Incinerate?

  • Low maintenance. You won’t have to deal with pipes, leaks, or keep up with compost. After incineration only sterile ashes remain.

  • Save water. Most American households flush nearly 30% of the water they consume each day.

  • Ideal for scenarios where traditional septic isn't feasible or possible.

  • Easy to use. Everything happens automatically and the LED panel reminds you when to dispose of the ashes.

  • Since Cinderella toilets don’t require a connection to water and sewage systems, they can be installed just about anywhere. 

World's Elite Electric Bikes

Welcome to the world of electric bikes. ROA is built for getting off the road, so we partnered with professionals in the eBike space that understand where we are coming from. You will be comfortable in nearly every situation with one of these incredible designed and engineered bikes.